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VoIP Phone Extensions


Call Other Employees


Transfer Calls Faster


Act Like One Location

VoIP Phone Extensions

Now you can call anyone in your company and they’re only three or four digits away, even if they are in different locations.

Don’t you just love the convenience of extension dialing?

8×8 extensions typically use the 4-digit model, but we also offer 3-digit or 5-digit VoIP phone extension dialing. And don’t worry, everyone can have their own direct phone number. So you have the best of both worlds whether you’re using VoIp internally or as a state-of-the-art VoIP call center solution.

Free Zoiper Application Download 

Downlod Zoiper Free to use it with your iPhone, iPad or Android ,  so you can make and take calls from your smartphone or tablet, useing our VoIP Phone extensions.

Extension Dialing at Its Best

Extension dialing gives you so many ways to save time and be more efficient, even with toll-free service.

Call other employees

Just pick up the phone and dial those few digits, whether you are calling someone at the next desk or across the country.


Transfer calls faster

Use the transfer function and dial the extension number to connect callers to the right person. You can either transfer the call directly, or tell the person receiving the transfer what it’s about before you transfer the call.

Act like one location

Even if everyone works in different locations (out of their homes, different stores, or even in different countries), with extension dialing you are only an extension away from each other. Your callers don’t need to know who is where.

Your Extension is Mobile

Your extension can go with you as you are traveling, working at home, or on vacation.

We give you so many ways to stay connected and available.

Bring your IP phone

—You can take your IP phone with you anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection. Working out of the downtown office or at home today? Bring your phone too and never miss a beat.

Call Forwarding

—Easily forward all calls to your extension to your cell phone, home phone, any phone you choose. Want them to all ring at once? No problem. Want them to hunt you down in a specific order? You can do that too!

Take It Online

—Login to Virtual Office Online, our web-based dashboard or our Virtual Office Desktop client and you can make and take calls right from your computer. You can even set it up to work in tandem any nearby phone that you want to designate as your temporary office phone.

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