Vanity Toll Free Numbers- FAQs

What is a vanity toll free number?
A vanity toll free number is a custom toll number that includes a mnemonic (Memory Needs Every Method Of Nurturing Its Capacity) word in its composition, aiming to help all customers memorize it easier.

Where can I get a vanity toll free number?
Generally, vanity toll free numbers are available from different phone companies and third-party service providers. To be more exacting, these companies and services provide different plans that you can purchase when attempting to get such a toll free number, and you will be charged depending on the company and plan that you opt for.

How is a vanity toll free number formed?
Vanity toll free numbers are usually formed using both numbers and words or phrases. In most cases, these numbers are formed using prefixes like 800, 844, 855, 866, 877 and 888, alongside with words and phrases that are meant to convey what a business does. For instance, if you are selling SEO services in the state of Illinois, your vanity toll free number can be 1-800-SEO-IL, or 1-855-SEO-IL, depending on the number that you will actually choose. The word or phrase can be longer or shorter, and based on this aspect, the vanity toll free number can integrate more or less digits. Some examples include 1-800-768-SEO, 1-844-23-SEO-IL and many others.

How can a vanity toll free number benefit me?
There are many ways in which a vanity toll free number can help you. Beyond making your business look more professional, these numbers are easier to remember for your prospects, potentially leading them to converting to paying customers. Moreover, a vanity toll free number is excellent due to its ability to help you create a unique number/word that can be associated only to your business, so your customers will never mistaken you for other business or vice versa.