Email address not found

Hello Mr. #####, I am not showing your email address registered to any account on our system. Can you please provide the email address associated with the account to witch you is referring?


Why is my service not working?

Hello, your account is currently disconnected due to nonpayment. If you like to reactivate your account, login and update your credit card information. Your account will be charged the amount due + $25 pre-payment.

This is how our billing works


When you start service from us we give you a – $3.50 credit for trial purposes. Your balance is reduced in two ways: the monthly service charge for your toll-free or local numbers + any usage charges (per minute call charges) you may have.

Secondly, you can add funds to your account by logging into the portal and clicking on the account tab. Once in this section, you will need to add your credit card information and then submit for any payment you may like.


  • Your account begins with a balance of (-$3.50). This is a credit balance we issue for  trial purposes
  • Once your usage balance > $1.00,  your account will be charged usage balance + Spending Limit ($25.00)
  • Your spending limit is  a set prepayment amount added to your account (this can be changed)
  • After the charge,  your account will have an credit balance equal to you spending limit (-$25.00)
  • Your daily calling usage + your toll-free monthly fees will be deducted from your credit balance
  • Your payment will be charged each time you reach $0 Balance


Add PBX features to your account for an additional $24.99 monthly.

  • Auto attendant (IVR)
  • Call recording
  • Outbound Fax service
  • Unlimited VoIP Phone Extensions
  • Advanced Call Routing