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Sip Trunking Explained

Sip trunking, in its simplest definition, is the ability to send and receive voice calls across a data or internet connection. Voice calls are converted into digital signals that are then passed across data connections to be reconverted back to voice and heard by the receiver. That’s it! VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can be sent across any data connection, allowing worldwide calling at the same cost as local calling, and NO one has ALL the control!

Example VoIP Setup

Think about this, you can take a computer, add phone lines to it using telephone cards, install asterisk voice data converting software, hook it up to the internet, and start sending calls to anyone in the world. You have now become a Voice Termination or Origination Provider. Ha ha AT&T, you can kiss your over priced lines goodbye! Vonage was one of the first pioneers to widely make use of this and is still battling against Verizon to keep their business alive.

What is a SIP Trunk?

SIP trunking is a service, offered by local and Long distance carriers, which permits businesses that have Asterisk Servers, Phone Systems, Voicemail Systems, and many other Communication Systems installed to use Voice-over-IP (VoIP) to make and receive phone calls. Inbound calls can originate from any local or tollfree number in the world offered by your carrier of choice. Outbound calls can also be terminated anywhere in the world. Carriers normally charge a variable or flat rate charge by the minute for making and receiving calls from various locations. A business can have as many sip trunking carriers as needed to meet cost requirements.

How much does it cost?

Normally providers charge by the minute of use, or by the number of calls or channels used

How fast can service be started?

Service can be started within a few hours.

Why use over Analog Circuits?

SIP Trunks are cheaper than analog circuits while maintaining the same service quality that businesses expect from line quality.
SIP Trunks cost approximately $20 to $30 per trunk, versus $40 to 50 per analog circuit. In addition, long distance termination charges associated with SIP Trunks are much cheaper than traditional analog or TDM rates.

Why use over PRI or T1 Circuits?

SIP Trunks realize their primary benefit over PRIs from cost savings. SIP trunks typically cost $20 to $30 per trunk for unlimited inbound and local calling along with a long distance rate that can be under 2 cents per call. When coupled with line over subscription (e.g. a 30 person company purchasing just as many SIP trunks as they anticipate having concurrent calls….typically 8 to 10) SIP Trunks are a very cost effective way for a business to save money. Lastly, a primary benefit of SIP Trunks over PRIs is that SIP Trunks can be purchased in increments of 1, whereas PRIs have to be purchased in increments of 23 channels.

What equipment do I need?

SIP Trunks can work with a SIP-ready PBX such as Asterisk or OpenSer as well as many others. SIP Trunks can also be made to work with traditional analog or key systems with an IAD (Integrated Access Device).

How much bandwidth will I need?

SIP Trunks are virtual circuits delivered over an Internet Access line. Depending on the number of SIP Trunks purchased, and the amount of excess Internet connectivity, a business should consider purchasing more Internet Access. However, it’s important to know that when a SIP Trunk is not being used, the bandwidth otherwise allocated to a SIP Trunk is freed up for use in less intensive applications, such as e-mail and general web use. This dynamic allocation of bandwidth is yet another feature of SIP Trunks versus more traditional technologies, such as analog or PRI circuits.

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