Lifesize Icon 600 Conferencing Bundle (Single Display)


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The LifeSize Icon 600 is a room based video conferencing solution that has the options to support 1080P and dual displays. Tthe Icon 600 has been designed around the user experience and the simplified interface. The improved interface makes managing and scheduling your video calls, joining a large meeting and searching for contacts fast and easy.

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Product Description

Lifesize Icon 600 Conferencing Bundle (Single Display)

The LifeSize Icon 600 video conferencing system is designed around you, the users’ experience. The user experience of the LifeSize Icon has been radically simplified to help give a frustration-free video conferencing experience allowing you to focus on what matters the most – your business.

Lifesize Icon 600 Conferencing Bundle Overview

Lifesize Icon 600 is a video system designed on one fundamental principle: simplicity. Setup takes minutes and starting a video call takes seconds. You will discover that making and receiving video calls is as easy as using your smartphone.

Pair to the  Lifesize cloud-based service* for an unparalleled connected experience from the conference room to the desktop and mobile users. Lifesize Icon 600 is designed for maximum simplicity, flexibility and value.

Lifesize Icon 600 Features

  • Accept requests to join your call or add others via your directory with one simple click of the remote
  • Up to 1080p60
  • Up to 1080p; physical data port
  • Pan, tilt and zoom camera options, including support for up to 1080p60 HD and up to 10x zoom capability
  • Easy to use touchscreen powers both audio and video

The Lifesize Icon 600 Bundle Solution Includes:

Icon 600 codec (Comes with remote)

PhoneHD (Click here to view the Lifesize Phone HD)

Camera 10x (Click here to view the Lifesize Camera 10x)

Single Display


REQUIRED: Lifesize Device Software Subscription (Option 1 – 5 years)


Lifesize Device Software Subscription (DSS) Includes: 

  • Help Desk Support via Phone, Email, Live chat, Web, and access to Lifesize Community.
  • Automatic Software Updates with access to the latest software updates and enhancements.
  • Pairing to Lifesize Service, including centralized device management, NAT/frewall traversal, Point-to-point calling.
  • Expedited shipment of a product replacement should an incident require it.