ClearOne Chat 150 (VC)


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The Clearone CHAT 150 VC is designed for video conferencing systems, transforming them into high-performance conference phones.

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Product Description

ClearOne Chat 150 VC Video Conferencing System

This is ClearOne Chat 150 VC Video Conferencing System 910-156-230 for Full-Duplex Audio Communications.

A speakerphone for individual or small group use. The Chat 150 VC connects to video conferencing systems for rich, full-duplex audio communications. It provides microphone pickup and echo cancellation that is far superior to the built-in audio on video systems. A perfect addition to multimedia conference rooms for greatly enhanced collaboration. This ClearOne
model also connects to PCs for VoIP applications.

ClearOne Chat 150 VC Video Conferencing System Overview

Featuring ClearOne’s trademark audio processing performance, Chat 150 delivers unmatched full-duplex capability for crystal-clear communications. It includes three built-in microphones for full 360-degree pickup.

ClearOne Chat 150 VC Features and Functions

  • Connect the Chat 150 to set-top and installed video conferencing systems for superior echo and noise cancellation, and full duplex performance
  • Use the speaker built in to the Chat 150 for far-end audio, or disable it to use speaker system on the TV or in the room
  • Advanced ClearOne HD Conference audio processing technologies deliver remarkably rich, full audio for natural, effortless conversations:
    • Distributed Echo Cancellation
    • Noise cancellation
    • Advanced automatic level management
    • True full duplex performance allows user to listen and speak at the same time without audio cutting in and out
  • Three built-in microphones provide full 360-degree coverage up to 8 feet from device
  • Connect the Chat 150 to laptops and PCs via USB for hands-free audio for:
    • VoIP softphones
    • Instant Messaging audio chats
    • Web conferences
  • Bridge audio from PC applications with audio on video conferencing system for instant 3-way conference bridge