Avaya B109 Conference Phone (DEMO UNIT)


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The Avaya B109 is a compact and portable conference phone that is perfect for conferencing on the go.

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Avaya B109 Conference Phone

The Avaya B109 Conference Phone is the perfect size that you can put it in your briefcase for one the go conferencing. The Avaya B109 is ideal for huddle rooms and small conference rooms. Despite the size of the device, the B109 delivers pristine sounds thanks to the Avaya OmniSound® audio technology. The Avaya B109 can easily be used with Avaya EquinoxTM and other conferencing applications on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. The device easily connects to a PC via USB port or to a tablet or smartphone through Bluetooth technology. The Avaya B109 features Bluetooth A2DP (advanced audio distribution profile) which allows you to play music from the device. The B1019 also features a headset port and a built-in battery that gives you the ability to use the device without any phones for up to 12 hours! The B109 exceeds the conference needs for road warriors!

Avaya B109 Conference Phone Features

  • Crystal clear audio with full duplex OmniSound® audio technology
  • Supports Avaya Equinox™ and other conferencing tools
  • Simplified Bluetooth pairing and connection using NFC
  • HD calls over Bluetooth
  • Can be paired with Avaya devices that support Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth A2DP for superior audio performance when playing music
  • USB port for connection to a computer or other compatible USB device