Aastra M685i

This phone has been replaced with the Mitel 685 Expansion Module. It is actually just the same phone with different branding. I swear. It is just a different nameplate.
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Aastra M685i Expansion Module

The Aastra M685i is a 4.3″ color LCD screen expansion module for Aastra 6800 series SIP phones.

Aastra M685i Expansion Module Overview

The M685i Expansion Module is a fast paced addition for Aastra 6800i Series SIP phones offering 28 additional programming keys with LED. The M685i provides the ability to page through 3 sets of 28 keys giving outstanding flexibility and expandability.

Up to three M685i modules can be used with the Aastra models 6865i, 6867i and 6869i, providing up to 84 physical keys with a combined total of 252 keys (3 pages of 28 keys each M685i). Programmable keys support advanced features such as shared call appearance (SCA), busy lamp field (BLF) and Speed Dial.

Aastra M685i Features and Functions:

  • Supported on the Aastra 6865i, Aastra 6867i, and Aastra 6869i
  • 4.3″ 480×270 pixel color backlit LCD display
  • Can be daisy chained with the M680i for a combined total of up to 3 modules
  • Powered by the phone; no separate power adapter required