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  • Konftel 250

    sku : 02-118307

    The Konftel 250 is equipped with the patented OmniSound HD audio technology. The Konftel 250 has a built in recording function that enables calls to…

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  • Konftel 300 Conference Phone

    sku : 02-107734

    The Konftel 300 is advanced analog conference phone which will cover an area of up to 323 feet (or 10 people) and offers high tech…

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  • Konftel 300IP External Microphone Kit 900102113

    sku : 02-107738

    The Konftel 900102080 is a set of expansion microphones for the Konftel 300IP conference phone.

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  • Konftel 300IP PoE Conference Phone

    sku : 02-117748

    The Konftel 300IP PoE is a flexible SIP-based PoE conference phone that is ideal for companies using VoIP telephony. The 300IP PoE is equipped with…

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  • Konftel 300Wx DECT Base Station

    sku : 02-118732

    The Konftel 300Wx DECT Base Station was created for the Konftel 300Wx wireless conference phone. This base station allows the 300Wx to be wireless in…

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  • Konftel 300Wx US

    sku : 02-117314

    The Konftel 300Wx for the US allows you to hold wireless conference calls where and when it is convenient. The HD omni-directional microphone can pickup…

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  • Konftel 55

    sku : 02-118299

    The Konftel 55 is a desktop conference phone with crystal clear sound thanks to it’s patented audio technology Omnisound HD. The Konftel 55 can be…

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  • Konftel 55Wx Wireless Conference Phone

    sku : 02-122849

    The Konftel 55Wx is a speaker phone that features OmniSound audio technology providing for a great teleconferencing solution for your web meetings and conference calls.…

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  • Konftel Ego Bluetooth Speakerphone

    sku : 02-123018

    The Konftel Ego is a compact and portable personal speakerphone that delivers crystal-clear sound thanks to our unique OmniSound® audio technology. It’s ideal for a…

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