Everything You Need In A Cloud-Based Phone System

When you work with eTollFree, you’ll be able to get the features that will put you ahead of the competition.

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Cloud Phone Systems

Everything at eTollFree is designed to give you the virtual call center solutions you’ve been looking for. You’ll get everything below.

Calling Made Easy

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps allow you to use the services wherever you are, with or without traditional phone hardware.

Desktop App

No matter whether you’re on a Mac or PC, our desktop app makes it easy to seamlessly transition between our software features.

Local Numbers

Get cheap toll-free numbers that will make it look like your calling from a local number.

Toll-Free & Vanity Numbers

Get 1-800 numbers and vanity numbers to encourage customers to call in without being charged. Vanity numbers are still available for many 8XX prefixes.


Allow employees and departments to be reached directly when you easily create extension numbers within your phone system.

Call Delegation

Manage call transfers with ease when you use a visual call delegation software. This is especially helpful for those performing a high number of call transfers.

Call Screening

Call screening allows you to prioritize your incoming calls. Send some directly to voicemail and block others.

Call Forwarding

You don’t have to be at the office in order to get phone calls wherever you are. Call forwarding can send them to a cellphone or home phone.

Call Flip

Have you ever started a call at the office but needed to finish it on the walk to your car? Call Flip gives you the extra time you need transferring it from desktop to mobile phones seamlessly.

Call Park

Hold a call on one phone and pick it up again from any phone on your system.


One-touch calling has never been easier thanks to the wonders of RingOut!


Intercom allows you to make verbal announcements to anyone in the office through their phones.


Paging will allow one-way announcements to public address systems and chosen desk phones.

Shared Lines

One phone number to go to multiple phones, allowing you to let the “next available representative” take the call.

Answering Rules

Decide where calls go, any time of day or night. If you want to make 5:00 the time that calls change from your desktop phone to your mobile, you have the option.

Internet Fax

You won’t be tied down to a physical fax machine when you can use eTollFree’s software to send and receive e-faxes.


Voicemails can go directly to your email in order to make them accessible from anywhere.

Visual Voicemail

Visual voicemail lets you manage your voicemails onscreen so that you don’t have to spot-check each of them for identification.

Analytics & Administration Tools


Make sure that anyone calling in is greeted in the nicest possible way, even if they’re about to navigate a phone tree.

Multi-Level IVR

Phone tree options let you have flexible menu choices for self-service connections to your employees

Music On Hold

Whether you choose music, informational messages, or a combination of both, you’ll keep callers a bit more entertained while they’re on hold.

Dial-by-Name Directory

Let incoming callers reach people directly with this state-of-the-art dial by name system.

Number Porting

Bring your existing phone numbers with you when you join eTollFree, and add more toll-free numbers as necessary.

Multi-Site Management

No matter how many offices you have, it’s easy to connect them all under one system with eTollFree.

Call Monitoring

“This call may be monitored to ensure quality.” Now you too can monitor your employees’ interactions to help them improve their customer interactions.

Call Logs

Keep track of every call going out and coming into your systems with eTollFree’s software.

Automatic Call Recording

With our cloud-based phone software, you can record every call into or out from your office.

Audit Trail

See who’s been making changes in the system, whether they’re common users or administrators.

Hot Desking

Hot Desking allows employees to work from home if necessary, allowing them to work from home on snow days and save their PTO if they wish.

Caller ID

For calls coming in, you’ll be able to see who’s calling. For calls going out, you can decide the business name and number that shows up.

Directory Listing

Directory listing get your company’s name and business details listed in local and national directories.

User Templates

If you have multiple departments but each person in the department is doing the same tasks, user templates can be applied to swaths of phones at one time.


Video meetings can make your team closer and save thousands of dollars in air travel. Here’s what you’ll get with eTollFree.

Video Conferencing

Whether it’s a company-wide meeting or a spur-of-the-moment chat, you’ll be teleconferencing in high-def.

Audio Conferencing

Not every meeting requires video. You’ll be able to have town-meeting phone-ins with your employees to answer questions.


Better internal communication means more efficient employees. Here’s what eTollFree can do for your messaging.


Messaging has never been easier thanks to the advanced search system. Track down what you’re looking for easier than ever!

Message Alerts

Voice mails won’t have to languish unaddressed overnight anymore. Alerts can be sent via email or SMS when important voicemails are received so that they can be dealt with quickly.


Keeping your business’ information secure is of paramount importance. eTollFree’s cloud-based software make sure your information stays safe.

Secure VoIP Service

Secure calls are important to both you and your customer. Make sure no one is listening in with our secure VoIP system

Roles and Permissions

Your admins can decide who can make changes and who can’t to particular parts of the system.


Knowledge is power, so make sure you’re making the most of the analytic data that comes with your eTollFree cloud-based phone system.

Performance Reports

How many people are picking up from a particular area code? That knowledge can help you tailor your future calls.

Employee Efficiency

You’ll be able to get performance reports on each employee to see just how well — or poorly — they’re performing.

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