Do I need a dedicated connection?

While standard copper telephone lines can transfer data and voice at a rate of about 30,000 bits per second (30 kbps) using a dial-up modem, a T1 line can transmit 1.544 megabits per second of data, can be used to transmit 24 digitized voice channels, or can be combined with VoIP to produce voice and data. Businesses with more than 8 phone lines may save money by getting a dedicated T1 line to loop to the place of business from the local phone company office. This can reduce your telecom charges and provide high-speed Internet access at the same time. Your business is charged for one T1 line, rather than eight (or more) separate telephone lines. Pricing for the T1 line will depend on the distance of the loop, or the mileage between our local facilities and your place of business.

Why Use eTollFree’s Dedicated Connections?

eTollFree’s MPLS traffic engineered backbone with full-mesh redundancy for high performance ensures congestion-free, high-performance transmission. In addition, eTollFree’s Nationwide T1s have the highest amount of uptime at nearly 100%, which means businesses who are sending/receiving critical data, video, or voice can be assured their communication will remain up. eTollFree also provides you with the maximum amount of bandwidth around the clock for the most demanding Internet applications and access requirements. T1 service provides your business with a dedicated, 24 hour-a-day link to the Internet on eTollFree’s fast, reliable network.

With eTollFree’s T-1 service you not only experience lower costs, but can begin enjoying the full array of Benefits including: · High Quality · Security · Simplicity · Flexibility · Convenience.