Hosting Services


eTollFree provides a hosted VoIP PBX solution that is flexible, scalable and easy to maintain. This highly versatile offering does not require on-site hardware changes in order to add new users or change features. This translates to lower capital and operational costs for your business. Since our VoIP-PBX can be configured remotely via a powerful GUI, we have the flexibility to add, change, delete or move users within hours of your call or email. It is that easy! You no longer need expensive maintenance contracts or the high labor cost of an onsite tech to make changes that you need. Just let us know what you need done and we’ll take care of it.

Asterisk Consulting

eTollFree has become US’s premier provider of Asterisk consultants for enterprise level VoIP Telephony deployments and software integration projects. Our Asterisk Consulting team has expertise in developing distributed asterisk systems for both small businesses and large enterprise deployments. Our Asterisk consultants offer senior-level Asterisk Support to customers with standard implementations and highly customized Asterisk Solutions.

Openser Consulting

KAMAILIO (OpenSER) is a mature and flexible open source SIP server (RFC3261 ). It can be used on systems with limitted resources as well as on carrier grade servers, scaling to up to thousands call setups per second. It is written in pure C for Unix/Linux-like systems with architecture specific optimizations to offer high performances. It is customizable, being able to feature as fast load balancer; SIP server flavours: registrar, location server, proxy server, redirect server; gateway to SMS/XMPP; or advanced VoIP application server.

Vicidial Consulting

Do you need a call center solution right away? Do you need a call center solution just for a few months? Do you need a call center solution that can be quickly scaled to meet the demands of your company? The Vicidial Group offers hosted VICIDIAL systems without any long term contracts. Our hosted systems are waiting for your business in our state of the art hosting facility. They are monitored and maintained by our highly trained support staff. In as little as 48 hours we can bring your call center online.

A2Billing Consulting

The A2Billing Platform has been deployed in a number of commercial environments by both traditional TDM based telecoms companies wishing to move into the VoIP market, and calling card and call-shop businesses. Additionally, there has been a lot of interest from IT and networking companies who are beginning to deploy VoIP PBXs in addition to their traditional business, and wish to enjoy an ongoing income by terminating their customer’s calls using

A2Billing as their Wholesale Billing Platform.

A2Billing is licensed under the AGPL – this means that you have the freedom to modify the system to suit your own needs, within the rules of the AGPL.