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eDialer How to Setup Custom CID

In eDialer system, you can set up your campaign caller ID to be agent specific which means it’s possible for each agent to have their own phone number and caller ID.

In this tutorial, we will do a walkthrough on how to setup a Custom Caller ID.

What is a Custom Caller ID?

This option allows you to use the Miscellaneous or security phrase field in eDialer as the CallerID to send out for each lead. Meaning, individual Caller ID needs to be added to each of the leads as another column in your spreadsheet before you upload your leads to the list.

If this field has no CID in it, then the Campaign CallerID will be used by the dialer system instead.

Let’s get started.

  1.  Check your spreadsheet to upload in e-dialer, if the caller ID is added on another column. The Caller ID column should be mapped to the security phrase field or Miscellaneous field of the dialer

Note: Once leads are uploaded, there will be no way for you to edit unless one by one or reupload the leads again.

Please check our videos on how to upload leads in e-dialer systems.

  1. Now that the leads are uploaded, we need to activate a custom CID in the e-dialer system.

To do this,

a. Go to Campaigns.

b. Then, Campaigns Main.

c. Click, Modify.

d. Then, Under Detail, go to “Custom CallerID”, Choose Y.

e. Then, Save Changes.