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How to Setup Ingroup Welcome Message

how to set up a welcome message in the eDialer phone system. This tutorial will be for the initial message that plays on an incoming IVR setup.

First, you need to upload a compatible audio file to eDialer’s audio store. The only acceptable audio file formats are:

WAV file 16-bit, 8k, PCM mono

GSM 8 bit, 8k

Now that your audio file is ready, let’s upload it to eDialer.

  1. Login to eDialer administration dashboard, then go to admin, then audio store. 

  1. Then, click choose file and submit. 

We are now ready to set up the welcome message.

  1. Go to Inbound, then to ingroups and show in-groups. 

  1. Click modify to the ingroup you want to upload your welcome message. 

  1. Under “IVR & Menu Settings”, look for the field, Welcome Message Filename. 

  1. Click Audio chooser. Choose the welcome message you just uploaded. 

  1. Under, Play Welcome Message. You can choose several options from the dropdown. 

The default is set to, “Always”. Meaning, it will play the welcome message, every time a call is routed to the in-group.

  1. Now, click “Save changes”