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Firewall Authentication

Wondering why you can't access your eDialer Page? This video will be about how to whitelist your IP address to eDialer's Firewall

All eDialer servers are protected by a Firewall System. This gives an extra layer of security to your dialer to prevent hackers or any unauthorized users from accessing the system. 

The firewall credential is unique to each eDialer client and this information is sent to your registered email address with eTollfree along with your eDialer Administration Credential.

The email subject will be: eTollfree-Vicidial Cloud Server Firewall Auth

The firewall credential is usually the same link that you will use to access eDialer plus a :81 at the end.

Ex: http://demo.edialer.net:81

eDialer Firewall Authentication

NOTE: The username and password are both space and case-sensitive.


  1. Click the provided eDialer Link, then ENTER:
eDialer Firewall Authentication

2. Type in your provided username and password.

3. SUCCESS! You have whitelisted your IP Address.

eDialer Firewall Authentication

4. You will be rerouted to the main eDialer page after a few seconds.


  1. Site Can’t Be Reached

If you see this page you will need to use the firewall credential again as your IP address changed from the last time you logged in.


  1. Unauthorized (blank page)

You typed in the wrong username and password. Check for password spaces and errors and try it again.