Toll Free Pricing

Hello everyone!

I created this video to show the difference between toll free pricing by the minute versus toll free pricing by the plan. Some will have you thinking monthly plans are cheaper and safer, but in the long run you end up paying more as well as losing your toll free number. This video demonstrates how to calculate your true per minute cost of any plan found on the web. When using toll free services it is best to pay by the minute, and, of course you want to find the cheapest per minute rate possible. This allows you, as a customer, to control the toll-free number at a low cost while maintaining ownership of the number that may become valuable to you in the future


    • Hi Vicki..

      Are you a customer already? How have you found the service so far. I am very much interested in joining etollfree and will be signing up to a free trial I found on the other page. Could you let me know if you are a customer and how long you have been a customer. I would imagine that the staff are helpful with all the information they provide on the site but it always helps to have a customer who has used a service for a while to inform you of how they are performing. I know the low cost of the service etollfree provide but in times like these every cent counts for our business and it would be nice to know that they perform. I would appreciate any feedback on their support and reliability.



      • 1-800 Numbers with is the way to go. I have used them and found the service as easy and good as the videos suggest. I have saved money each month by switching to etoll free.

  1. Dear Robert Wilson,

    You have differentiated toll free pricing by the minute versus toll free pricing by the plan sharply. I’m Impressed.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Certainly seems a better option than the current monthly plan I am using. What are the setup costs associated with the plan? How quick can this service be setup? The service I am currently using expires in the next few weeks and it would be helpful if the service can be setup when our current plan ends.

  3. Paul Robinson

    A very informative video, a nice alternative to monthly payments. Although I found the video helpful maybe you could add a calculator to help work out the costs of your plan versus other plans. I suggest this because I dont tend to go past the 300 minutes limit I currently have.

  4. Sarah Bamforth

    Thanks for the video very helpful.

  5. Good option.

    Video explains it well.

    Just signed up hope to save lots of $$$$.

  6. Its an excellent service, I can highly recommend. Just like the video.

  7. Samantha Booth

    Hi Robert,

    Is there an annual review of the price? Are the prices fixed for a set amount of time?

    Your response would be appreciated.



    • Not sure what you mean by annual review, but we plan to keep our pricing the same for a while. If we do have a price change, it will not effect current offerings.

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