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How to use Conference Calling

VoIP Issues with router or firewall

If your VoIP adapter is placed behind a router or a combined modem/router, you may experience problems with your VoIP service. Some of these problems include: VoIP light goes out intermittently or constantly. You cannot make outbound calls or when making outbound calls you hear a busy signal even though the person you are calling […]

How to configure x lite VoIP Phone

In this video we’ll show you how to configure a Voip phone extension using the Xlite soft phone application.  Our first step is to go to this URL where you will be able to download the Xlite software.  As you can see here there are 3 different versions of the software to download based on […]

What are VoIP Phone Extensions

What are Voip phone extensions or also known as voice over IP phones. Voip phone extensions are virtual phone extensions which are in fact telephone lines that are connected to our cloud based phone system by an internet.   You can use VoIP phone extensions to make outbound calls and receive inbound calls from local […]

Call Screening

Call screening is the process of identifying the nature of the call that you are receiving in order to help you decide whether to answer the call or not.  With call screening you are able to find out who is calling your toll free number, the number that they are calling from, as well as […]

Auto Attendant Service

An Auto-Attendant a telephone voice menu system that allows callers to be transferred to an extension without going through a telephone operator or receptionist. An auto-attendant is also known as a digital receptionist. So for example when some one calls your toll free or local number they may hear something like “Thank you for calling […]

Routing Calls to a VoIP PBX

Instructions for routing calls to a VoIP PBX You can route any call within the eTollFree network to a VoIP enabled IP device. Navigate to the telephone numbers section of our portal and route any telephone number to a VoIP Connection. You can do this by finding the number that you wish to change Next, […]

Suspicious & Unknown Inbound Calls

You may find that time the time you received calls to your inbound toll-free or local numbers that are unrecognized. This is normal for any toll-free number or local number. Please keep in mind, all telephone numbers including toll-free numbers have been in existence for some time.  You may own a toll-free number that was […]

Voice Talent

When it comes to recording audio for your phone system it is important to pick the correct voice talent. With our services you have the ability to upload your own pre-recorded messages for auto attendant, voicemail, or any other service we offer at no charge. ETollFree offers economically priced male and female voice talent in English, […]