Sarah Dista

How to Setup Outbound Call Drop

How to set up the routing for dropped outbound calls. What is a dropped call? A dropped call is when the dialer receives or connects to a live call and no agent is available to connect to. These calls are then dispositioned as DROP and adds to the campaign’s drop percentage rate. This setting is only applied for outbound dialed calls.

How to Setup Webform

What is the webform? This is where you can set the custom web page that will be opened when the user clicks on the WEB FORM button in the agent interface.

How to Setup Pause Codes

What is a Pause Code? A pause code is the pop-up box that the user sees in the ViciDial agent interface whenever the user hits the pause button.

How to Setup Alt Phone Dial

This is how to setup the Alt or alternate Phone Dial. If you have a 2nd phone number in your leads, you can include the 2nd number in your ViciDial calling list.

How to setup 2-3 Phone Number Dialing

How to setup 2-3 number dialing in the ViciDial system. With ViciDial’s alt or alternate phone dialing system, you will be able to dial 2-3 numbers tied to a lead.

Setup CID Local Presence

This allows you the ability to set custom caller ID numbers per campaign for outbound calls by area code. This can be set to have a single or multiple CID for every areacode.

How to Setup Transfer Preset

A transfer preset setup can be useful if you need to add more than 5 transfer numbers or you need to add a name code for each of your transfer numbers.