Routing Calls to a VoIP PBX

Instructions for routing calls to a VoIP PBX You can route any call within the eTollFree network to a VoIP enabled IP device. Navigate to the telephone numbers section of our portal and route any telephone number to a VoIP Connection. You can do this by finding the number that you wish to change Next, […]

Suspicious & Unknown Inbound Calls

You may find that time the time you received calls to your inbound toll-free or local numbers that are unrecognized. This is normal for any toll-free number or local number. Please keep in mind, all telephone numbers including toll-free numbers have been in existence for some time.  You may own a toll-free number that was […]

Voice Talent

When it comes to recording audio for your phone system it is important to pick the correct voice talent. With our services you have the ability to upload your own pre-recorded messages for auto attendant, voicemail, or any other service we offer at no charge. ETollFree offers economically priced male and female voice talent in English, […]

Routing Calls to Voicemail

Instructions for routing calls to a Voicemail Box You can route any call within the eTollFree network to our voicemail system. First,  let’s make sure you have a voicemail box created. Navigate to the voicemail section of our portal. Next, you can add a new voicemail box by clicking on the “add new voicemail box” […]

How to enable Outbound Calling

In order to enable outbound calling using our services you will have to install our custom Softphone application on either your computer or smart phone. Download and install Bria Softphone application. If you are using a smart phone you can search for “Bria”   in application store. Here are lists of smartphone applications we support: Bria– […]

How our billing Works

This is how our billing works Your account begins with a balance of -$3.50 (credit balance we issue for trial purposes). Once your usage balance > $0, your account will require payment in order to stay active. Our minimum required payment is $25.00 After any payments, your account will have an credit balance equal to […]

Routing Calls to Skype

  Toll free forwarding to Skype can be accomplished by using eTollfree’s local, toll-free, and worldwide telephone number services. Our process is very simple.  Just choose the number you wish, update changes, and test call the number.

Toll Free Call Forwarding to IP Address

Toll Free Forwarding Options

This video was created to explain the different options of toll free forwarding. With this service you can create toll free forwarding to home telephone lines, business lines, fax to e-mail, voice-mail, voice-mail to e-mail, auto attendant, and international numbers. This is a quick video explaining our process of changing your routing options. We have […]

How Our Process Works

Hello everyone! I created this video to explain how our ordering process works. The process is quite simple.  Just search for the number you want, select your routing options, and enter your account and contact information. Once your account is created and your number is selected, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order […]